Noteworthy (MP3): K. Raydio – Sirens (prod. by Psymun)

1 Posted by - 07/24/2013 - Noteworthy, One Timer

Haven’t heard of K. Raydio or Psymun yet? It’s not too late. Their beautiful combination of production and a narrative driven set of sincere, soulful vocals is some of the finest music I’ve laid ears on in 2013. K. Raydio got some prominent features on the Minneapolis producers latest effort SSV3, which caused a bit of a clamor for a full length after everyone got their ears on the product. “Lobby Music” and “Flight” were only the tip of the iceberg, though, as the two artists have announced plans for a collaborative full length later this year.


The first single from the as-of-yet untitled album is “Sirens”, a name that is near and dear to my heart. “Sirens” deals with falling victim to the dominant authority of police officers, and serves as a sort of dedication to Trayvon Martin and what he has come to represent. In as few words as possible, the new track is dark alley beautiful. Dim lights, shadows, abandoned trash and yet a star-filled night above shining on a gloomy world below.

K. Raydio repeatedly refrains that “its a cold, cold world”, a sentiment delivered with so much more emphasis over the fantastically murky production of Psymun. I love how their work together seems to always have a sense of purpose. They aren’t choosing narratives we’ve never heard of – they are choosing to tackle these well known narratives in a way that not a lot of folks are doing currently. It’s refreshing to hear some substance in and among all the beautiful noise.

These two artists have some kind of chemistry, I can’t lie. I’m looking very forward to the eventual LP.

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