Noteworthy (MP3): GRRL PAL – Paradise

2 Posted by - 11/10/2014 - Noteworthy

I watched HER with my wife and thought it was pretty brilliant. As a dude who spends way too much time attached to some form of digital interface or the other, the concept of falling in love with an OS isn’t exactly that far fetched. As a country, we are already head over heels for our iPhones and Galaxies. GRRL PAL, a duo from Perth, were enamored by HER as well…so they wrote a song.

“Paradise” tackles those people you’ve dated (and hung with) who can’t put down the phone. Eye contact is a lost art, and the interminable wait for the server to bring your drinks and food must be filled with text messages and Twitter. GRRL PAL aren’t impressed that you like your phone more than you like them. The opening of the refrain, “talkin’ to your cellphone/got me in the deadzone”, is filthy good, so push play. And if you end up on a date like the one described, get your Nike’s on. Bail out.

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