Noteworthy (MP3): Diane Coffee – Hymn

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Some tracks are an experience. “Hymn” is one of those. Diane Coffee is the project of Foxygen drummer Shaun Fleming. There’s an interesting story behind the impetus for the creation of this pseudonym + solo LP, but I’m not going to get into a lot of that. I am going to touch on the fact that Shaun Fleming is a Disney child alum, with a myriad of credits in voice acting and acting. I note this because it seems the stigma of Disney is that nothing good ever happens to the kids who go through that particular career path, but here we’ve got an example of a man succeeding on two fronts in a career at a severe right angle from most of his previous experience. Succeeding quite well, by the sound of this single.


Mr. Fleming recorded this LP with such vaunted tools as an old metal pot and the iPhone voice memo app, and I commend his sense of stir craziness for propelling him forward into this endeavor. Now it’s time to fast forward.

The first two thirds of “Hymn” are a waltz. After the break it’s a frantic chase, or maybe an epic escape that features long flowing blonde hair and flu-infused delirium. I like the somber and love the reckless, but Fleming’s creation wouldn’t be whole without a touch of each.

I’m curious about the rest of My Friend Fish, and I’ll be checking this out when it drops this fall on Western Vinyl.

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