Noteworthy (MP3): Best Friend – Phases of the Moon

0 Posted by - 01/29/2014 - Noteworthy

Perusing the Bandcamp page for “Phases of the Moon” I only find Nashville in the tags for this new single from the upcoming LP Division. I may or may not have been mistaken when I wrote up “Sure” and referenced the Best Friend track as a “hometown jam” from Knoxville and Nashville. Then again, maybe they’ve all just relocated to Nashville…either way, let’s talk about “Phases”.

Dreampop, shoegaze, dream rock; whatever you want to call it, Best Friend have the market firmly cornered. “Phases of the Moon” cascades through the headphones and melts the day away, wrapping you up in beautiful guitars and soft vocals that’ll leave you a bit more relaxed than you were previous.

Best Friend are dropping Division on February 25th. In the meantime, you can head to Bandcamp and download “Phases of the Moon” for free.

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