MP3: New Hands – This I’ve Heard

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Music arrives in my inbox often. Music does not typically arrive in my inbox and begin to address the details behind the band with “We hate each other.” My ears tell me otherwise. If the brains behind New Hands do hate each other, they do a great job hiding it.

“This I’ve Heard” is their first single. It’s indie rock, but then again it’s a little something more. The guitar twinkles in and out creating this amazingly dance-able beat. When the vocals first come in, they almost seem like a gimmick. That quickly fades. After repeated listens, I’m not sure you could make this song with any other vocalist. I absolutely love the sound.

There are summertime songs and there are songs made for winter. This one was made for the drive back home after a night out on the town in December. Snow falling down. You’re still ready to go.

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MP3: New Hands – This I’ve Heard

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