MP3: Yung Life – Rude Vision

0 Posted by - 10/12/2012 - One Timer

Knoxville based Yung Life dropped Yung Life earlier this year and you would assume the story ended there for them in the Year of the Mayan, 2012. Not so fast, my friend. Lee Corso and Sirens of Decay were excited to discover that they are already working on new material. A new album, even!

“Rude Vision” feels good when you hear it. The keys are light, the rhythm is right where it needs to be, and it wouldn’t be Yung Life if it wasn’t meant to sink into your head and lips.

I’m still sad and slightly embarrassed that I’ve never watched Yung Life live considering I lived in their hometown for a couple years and visit there for family another 4 or 5 weeks out of each year…but, at least I’ve got “Rude Vision” I guess. Thanks to Yung Life, you do too. Download it below.

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