MP3: Yoya – I’ll Be The Fire

0 Posted by - 05/05/2013 - One Timer

New Professor Music reposted this Yoya song on their Soundcloud profile, otherwise I might not have encountered Yoya’s filthy rich songwriting. “I’ll Be The Fire” is described as the contrast between the destructive power of the wildfires in California (in particular, during the Station Fire in 2009), and the constructive power of two people learning to trust each other. “I’ll Be The Fire” is the aftermath of that scorched Earth, soft fertile soil primed to flourish and rise again.

Not coincidentally, it’s my third anniversary with my wife today and I felt this was a very appropriate track given the occasion. She’s quite the wonderful woman and I’m incredibly lucky that she has the patience of a saint.

As for Yoya, their genre is “folktronic”. Not only do they combine that interesting premise into words you can and want to repeat, their music is every bit as fetching with great synths layered over lovely beats that will have you ready for more. More you will get, too, as Yoya plans to release the Go North EP via New Professor Music on July 16th.

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