MP3: Yeasayer – Longevity

0 Posted by - 07/18/2012 - One Timer

Brooklyn’s Yeasayer are bringing out a new album next month. I’ve been jamming on their latest release from Fragrant World, “Longevity”, almost as much as the rest of the world has been jamming on the new The xx. It sounds so good – the beat just brings out all those Arrested Development chicken-style dance moves straight out of you.

The chorus is simple, yet to the point. It’s something any young person can relate to:

Live in the moment//never count on longevity

The strings accompanying this track are what sets it apart, however. They give it a haunting quality – like 4 AM. The night is almost over, but the party isn’t finished yet.

Grab the track below and watch the vignette the band released with the track below.

MP3: Yeasayer – Longevity

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