MP3: WTCHS – Adult Crimes

0 Posted by - 12/10/2012 - One Timer

What are WTCHS? (A) The one with the monkey in Wizard of Oz, (B) Female magic users at Hogwarts, (C) What old men call their old wives (often rhymes with another similar word), or (D) I have no idea.

If you guessed anything other than (D), you lose. I have no idea who WTCHS are. I don’t know how many members are in the group. I don’t know a single name of a member except for “jag”, which is how the e-mail delivering their music to me was signed. I don’t know if it’s short for a real name or he’s a member of JAG. I don’t even know if it’s a he!

“jag” sent over the WTCHS EP Wet Weapons and said, “It was originally only available as a cassette tape, but we’ve momentarily relinquished the tape-hiss.” Interesting… “Adult Crimes” sounds like it was taken straight from a cassette tape. It’s a little gritty and grainy, the jingles and jangles of the guitars are a bit muted, and the vocals have that “playing on the stereo in the next room” quality that I love hearing every now and again. It’s surprisingly catchy – far more than I am going to imagine you are expecting.

The whole EP is brilliant to be honest and you should definitely hit WTCHS bandcamp and listen. You can stream everything on the EP and grab a download for “Adult Crimes” (as well as other assorted tracks on other releases). Maybe you can dust off your tape deck, order and listen to Wet Weapons the 80’s way. Who needs vinyl?

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