MP3: Work Drugs – Digital Girl

0 Posted by - 08/04/2013 - One Timer

Bouncing and infinitely repeatable, Work Drugs newest track “Digital Girl” is more apt for weekend night consumption than Sunday morning reverie. Work Drugs packed a whole lot of audio bliss into this cut, along with a chorus that becomes part of your lyrical vernacular by the end of your first playthrough.

Work Drugs described the track as exploring “the depths of your digital soul by reminding us of those digital ghosts that were once with us… but are now outdated by newer and sexier upgrades. This is a tribute.” I’m not sure if you interpret that the same way as I, ’cause I’m thinking it is a pretty accurate description of the way that we consume and discard things, such as music on this very blog, within such a short amount of time. This day and age things only have a half-life, if you will.

So, as Work Drugs states, this is a tribute to all those awesome digital ghost singles that came before.

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