MP3: Wildcat! Wildcat! – Please and Thank You

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wildcatwildcatThe greatest thing about SXSW for a non-attending blogger is the fact that a lot of bands you might miss throughout the months get pulled back onto the lips of the fans, listeners, and bloggers. That’s kind of the case with LA based Wildcat! Wildcat!, really. Their name popped up in an e-mail I received about SXSW shows/dates, but I never really thought much about it.

Yesterday I had the Hype Machine app going on my iPhone and somehow stumbled onto “Please and Thank You” via the excellent music blog The Burning Ear. Curious, I listened again. Yep, still great. I preceded to go through the (sadly) small backlog of Wildcat! Wildcat! jams later that evening. I took away that I would love to see these dudes live.

While “Please and Thank You” appears to be the newest of the four tracks available from the group, it’s a definite charmer, not unlike the previous three. Pleasing to both the ears and the body, the tinkling of the keys and arena ready vocals create a soaring atmosphere that just begs to be belted out in a live show. I’m not sure you can tag this track an “anthem”, but it’s oooh-oooh-oooh-oooh’s and bass would liven up any crowd.

Grab “Please and Thank You” below, as well as stream and download “End Of The World Everyday”. Please, thank you, and you’re welcome.

MP3: Wildcat! Wildcat! – Please and Thank You

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