MP3: White Laces – Parallel Chills

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Richmond’s own White Laces are a known quantity here at Sirens. I was lucky enough to receive their previous album MOVES for review, as well as get a chance to write about the first single from that release. I’ve held them in high esteem since. That single was “Crawl/Collapse”, and the track had this tone that just felt…good. Those guitar licks were bliss for me.

A bit shy of a year later and White Laces have churned out a five track mix of some studio/radio sessions recorded in Norfolk and Richmond, VA. Of particular note for my ears was the recording of “Parallel Chills”, which was the eighth track on MOVES. I guess I must have had my head in the sand at the time, because this track is the business.

It’s lush, with a strange atmosphere boiling on the low end of the track…it sounds like what running hot water on dry ice looks like, if that makes sense. The sounds just roll over your ears in low timbres, rising slightly and falling back down until reaching the payoff. White Laces do an excellent job with the buildup; “Parallel Chills” expands and expands, incorporating more gorgeous noise into the mix and then driving toward the climax with sun-soaked guitars and a final muted stanza.

GOT INTERZONE…and had to go back and listen to MOVES. I may actually like it better now than I did then, and I loved it before. If you didn’t check them out last time, hopefully you’ll give White Laces a listen on this go ’round. It’d be a shame if you didn’t. Your loss, really.

Grab a free copy of //////INTERZONE on Bandcamp. You can still pick up MOVES while you’re there as well! Stream or download “Parallel Chills” below.

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