MP3: Videa Gam – Menthol

0 Posted by - 10/07/2013 - One Timer

What if I told you a thing was a thing, but in reality it was another thing entirely? Could you figure out it’s original property? That made no sense, right?

“Menthol” is experimental pop from Brooklyn, NY – an intriguing whirl of foreboding sounds and questioning vocals that manages to fall in the enjoyable category somewhat unexpectedly. The track never intimidates like you’d expect from that description, it just unfurls in this solemn manner that digs into your ears with each pulse of the beat.

Videa Gam, which may or may not be pronounced video game, in fact does remind me of that very kind of thing. This is a track that could be the title piece of a ‘AAA’ game soundtrack, or some western version of the JRPG. The atmosphere is immersive, and it’s not a song you’re like to soon forget.

Barring a licensing boon for Videa Gam, you’ll just have to check it out on the SilverSkull EP next week via EverythingIsChemical. Download “Menthol” for free via the Bandcamp player below.

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