MP3: Twiggy Lashes – Beside Me

0 Posted by - 08/11/2013 - One Timer

I’ve been out of town with my family, celebrating my oldest’s third birthday. In my absence, the music world continued on without me, releasing and remixing and generally mutating and propagating in all sorts of directions. One new mutation I’ve discovered since my return last night is Twiggy Lashes, which is a collaboration between Australian producer Jad Lee and Sami Freeman.

At it’s most base, “Beside Me” is a pleasant dose of indie-tronic pop meant to cool you down, regardless of an argument or the hot summer weather. Take a deep breath and relax with Twiggy Lashes while thinking about that special someone.

Twiggy Lashes released two other tracks, “Goodbye” and “Empty Talking”, which are a bit more production driven than “Beside Me”, but still quite worth your time. You can find them on the Twiggy Lashes Soundcloud.

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