MP3: Trails And Ways – Sure Thing (Miguel Cover)

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Our love of Trails And Ways is well documented. If you haven’t heard them yet, type Trails And Ways in the search bar here on the site and go read up, listen up, and love.

Recently, the band put out another single, this time a cover of Miguel’s “Sure Thing”. While it’s not my favorite that the band has put it out, I absolutely, ABSOLUTELY, love the sounds they have created in this piece. It simply sounds amazing. I’m not a huge fan of the vocals in this one, compared to the original at any rate. However, in total the track sounds great.

Trails And Ways also redid the lyrics for “Sure Thing”, and made the interactive. Check them out, and download the MP3 at the very bottom.


you can bet that, never gotta sweat that.

If you be the Marx, I’ll be your Engels, babe.
If you be the plot, I can be your ruse, boom.
union baby I could be your dues.
If I’m in prison baby you’re my tunnel loose.

cause you’re the suffragette, and I’m the new vote.
you are the miles, I could be your blue note, true though.
you are the bloc, and I can be the soviet.
you can be the talk, and I can be the walk.

even when the sky comes falling,
even when the sun don’t shine,
I got faith in you and I,
so put your pretty little hand in mine.
even when we’re down to the wire babe,
even when it’s do or die,
we can do it baby simple and plain.
this love is a sure thing.

if you be my jimmy, I’ll be your grace lee.
if you’re the picket baby, I could be your tough feet, line it up.
if you’re benjamin I can be yr quote,
neruda baby, I can be your boat, all aboard

spraypaint, I’m the thinner, jackie o, I’m berliner
and it’s you, what can I do to deserve that
angie davis, I’ll be dissent
ya say that I’m the one, cause boy you are a ten

but nothing normative


MP3: TRAILS AND WAYS – Sure Thing (Miguel Cover)

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