MP3: Trails And Ways – Mtn Tune

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Trails And Ways just released some tracks, the three shot Trilingual (Singles). “Mtn Tune” sucks you in immediately with bright catchy guitars and dueling male/female vocals. Living among the Appalachians, it doesn’t remind me much of mountains so much as it reminds me of parks and lakes…but then again, somehow I am doubting these lovely musicians are referring to the same kind of mountains I am.

“Mtn Tune” is unflinchingly and thankfully a pop tune, intended to hook you with every facet of it’s crafting and it does a hell of a job. I’d give it a big thumbs up, but we’re on the internet so I’ll just say “DO WANT”.

Follow the trail to connect with the band on Facebook and download/buy more tracks on Bandcamp.

MP3: Trails And Ways – Mtn Tune

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