Noteworthy (MP3): Trails and Ways – Escape

1 Posted by - 12/07/2015 - Noteworthy

If I made a list of the five most seminal bands in this blog’s existence, Trails and Ways would be there.

Maybe that would make a neat article for a later time, but for now there’s the news of the Oakland, CA band dropping an unreleased track from the Pathology sessions.

Ian from Trails and Ways described “Escape” as “something more raw with faster drums and more over-driven guitars than what we’ve put out before.”

It feels like he’s not far off the mark. The track is pretty rapid fire, but the underlying gentleness (wistfulness?) that makes the band so great isn’t lost.

The track begins with the lines “we were trying to disappear / so you’d hardly even notice” but there’s no way you could disregard this band.

From Trilingual to Pathology they’ve been producing quality at an astounding rate.

Sink into “Escape” on your Monday evening. I promise you’ll make it out the other side.

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