MP3: Trails And Ways – Border Crosser (The Seshun Remix)

0 Posted by - 12/10/2012 - One Timer

In October the wonderful group Trails And Ways released “Border Crosser”, with gentle melodies and a moving story that was highly interactive. I’ve made no secret of my love for the band and apparently the internet as a whole has fell in love as well. Hype Machine ranked them as the #34 most blogged about artist of 2012 which is a pretty huge feat considering the names you will see on that list above them. Just look at the ridiculous number of bands I’ve blogged about…and I’ve taken months off at some points due to various reasons. It’s an amazing achievement for a band who hasn’t even really had a commercial release as of yet.

“Border Crosser (The Seshun Remix)” is described by Ian from Trails And Ways as sounding “like they took the original (about Keith’s grandparents getting out of 1940’s Europe) and set it on some kind of space station in the 2140’s, maybe with Diplo and Atoms for Peace as the star-crossed lovers”. I couldn’t say it much better. There’s a little more flair, a little more bass, yet The Seshun still retained all the beauty of the original…it’s just been sexified a bit.

You can head to Trails And Ways Facebook page to like their page for a free download of “Border Crosser (The Seshun Remix)”. You can also stream it below.

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