MP3: Tiger Waves – Weekends

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It’s hard to be a band and not have some form of animal in your name. Tiger Waves agrees. Their first album is titled Only Good Band(s) Have Animal Names. This may or may not be true. I’m struggling to dial up a band with an animal in their name that is unquestionably terrible, so I’ll say Tiger Waves have the high ground in this argument.

Tiger Waves music seems to hold up well to their argument. I first heard “Weekends” after ping-ponging from Midwest Shades (Awesome (and inexpensive) sunglasses! I was buying some new sunglasses, my buddy broke mine) to one of the blogs that supports them, Pasta Primavera. I’m really not sure what to say about this track. I’ve been thinking about it all day…

“Weekends” has a wonderfully plodding rhythm, and I use plodding in the nicest way possible. This thing literally plows over everything from my iPhone to my iTunes, and then my soul in that order. That’s why it’s so hard for me to think of what to describe it as; it’s not really anything different, it’s just very well executed and the whole atmosphere of the song reminds me of college nights. riding in vehicles, and driving to that house in the forest to see what could be seen.

Tiger Waves have really shown me something with this cut. It’s charm is undeniable – I think you’ll agree.

You can check out more awesome Tiger Waves music on their bandcamp (lots of cheap and/or free stuff) as well as chat em up on the Facebook thingy you folks use so much.

MP3: Tiger Waves – Weekends


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