MP3: The Super Vacations – El Rey

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One minute and forty seconds of rock, roll, psychedelic bliss, and a touch of snark. The Super Vacations release The Heater Part II today and “El Rey” is one of the singles. What will you think? Hell, I don’t know what you’ll think. I know what I think. The haze and feedback combine with the vox to make the most punk leaning shoegaze track I’ve ever heard. It’s not even shoegaze really, I just don’t know what the hell else to call it.

You might know these guys from a little split 7″ they did with some band named Eternal Summers…oh, you do remember that? I thought you did.

What else can you expect on The Heater Part II? Intermittent bursts of manic punk mingle and mangled among their more spacey cousins, the psych rock sounds. If you want to hear the flip side of “El Rey” and pulse-pushing “Hexing”, just put “Fried” on and see how you feel. If you do drugs, that’s the track to listen to.

If you are old like me and have quit your heathen ways, it’s still the track to listen to.

The Heater Part II sounds great from where I sit. You can grab it via Funny/Not Funny Records and feel better about yourself and your way of life for a pittance. In the meantime, jam to “El Rey”.

MP3: The Super Vacations – El Rey

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