MP3: The Rebel Light – Wake Up Your Mind (Radio Edit)

0 Posted by - 11/30/2012 - One Timer

I received LA band The Rebel Light’s e-mail announcing their self titled EP on November 6th. They released it a short while later on November 13th…so, as I’ve been culling back through my inbox, I put it on tonight while I was working on an article review for one of my classes. It turns out the best kind of light is rebel light.

“Wake Up Your Mind” pounces on your eardrums with the same foot-tapping, head-nodding quality you might expect from a well crafted beat. Instead, it’s a clever combination of synth and rock that creates a one-two punch of excitement. While you’re nodding your head and that riff kicks in and begins to electrify your feet, the final gear slides into place in the form of some tastefully toned vox that take the track from just plain good to memorable. The chorus is nothing mindblowing, but it’s simplicity highlights the charm of The Rebel Light.

They did this all themselves. As they said in their e-mail: “we recorded and mixed it ourselves…kept the DIY theme going and recording costs down by recording the vocals in our bathroom and the drums in a wood shed.” That sounds like a group of dudes who wanna play some music. You’ve gotta admire their tenacity. You also have to admire the fact that they are giving away their first EP for free via their Bandcamp. They want you to listen, and I’m telling you that if you are a fan of a little pop in your indie rock you better get to clicking.

In the meantime, listen to and download “Wake Up Your Mind (Radio Edit)” on the Soundcloud player below.

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