MP3: The Never Setting Suns – Meet Me There

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Once upon a time I was in the back of this beat up Ford Aspire and it was absolutely freezing outside. At that particular moment the car was off because my buddy was filling up the tank and then he headed into the gas station to get some snacks or something to drink – I can’t remember which. I wasn’t very happy. I detest being cold almost as much as my bulldog detests being woke up and told to move.

With my friend taking his very sweet time inside the convenience store, I decided to scrounge in the backseat for some music to listen to. It would at least get my mind off my cold hands and feet. In the floorboard I stumbled upon The Strokes debut album Is This It…in 2004. That’s right, three years after it’s release. I popped it in once we got rolling and immediately fell in love. My friend couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard them before. I honestly don’t know how I hadn’t either. “Last Nite” had crossed my ears a few times but that was it.

I’ve actually told a longer version of this story before here on the blog. You might be wondering why I would be telling something that embarrassing at all; then you’d say, why tell it now?

The Never Setting Suns are a rock trio from Cincinnati, OH. On January 24th of this year they sent me a message with “Meet Me There” included as well information about their upcoming album Time & Eternity, which was due out on March 24th. Today is July 27th. Do you see where I’m going with this?

I wouldn’t dare compare The Never Setting Suns to The Strokes, but this threesome produce some particularly excellent sounds that immediately caught my ears as I was cleaning out my inbox of several long months of clutter. I sorted through around 1500 e-mails before I found this particular track. You can see, I guess, how I overlooked it…still, I feel bad. This band has the spark and I completely missed it.

“Meet Me There” begins on a pure 90’s rock feel. The tones of the guitar, the vocal delivery, everything seems like something of a throwback. The vocals are set up perfectly with the melody and everything meshes very well til you hit the refrain. The first time the band kicked into it I knew I had something to write about. The full power of the band is unleashed, jangly and squalling guitars mixing with those shouted vocals to quicken the heartbeats of listeners everywhere. The Never Setting Suns don’t seem to be trying to make waves – just good music. Based on what I’ve heard from their Soundcloud they are well on their way to doing just that.

You can catch up with The Never Setting Suns on Facebook, as well as purchase Time & Eternity via Amazon for only $6. Grab “Meet Me There” below.

MP3: The Never Setting Suns – Meet Me There

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