MP3: The N’ere Dowells – I Won’t

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A long time ago in a Sirens of Decay far away, I wrote about The N’ere Dowells and their tracks “Comets” and “Jungle Song”. When 2012 ended and I gathered my thoughts for a final list of my favorites, “Comets” ranked #13 on the year. They play a chiming style of garage rock, rough sounding and fun – like I’d imagine they perform (and that’s a compliment). Not a whole lot of frills for these Brooklyn dudes. Just catchy, jangly pop tracks to rock to.

Strangely, they had never released a full length album. That’s changing.

“I Won’t” is the first single off of the forthcoming Are You Still Down, which is expected out in May. It’s also the “A” on a 7″ with B-side “Frankfurters” (which hasn’t been released yet), and will find your ears in roughly the same neighborhood that The N’ere Dowells left off with “Comets”. It’s got the tiniest hint of a bluesy riff, but for the most part sticks to the strum-n-twinkling guitar style that is kind of their signature sound.

The biggest change for the Brooklyn band is that this track six minutes long. There’s a pretty heady intro and the usual catchy banter, contained within, but that’s not all. Not far beyond the four minute mark, the guitars kick into overdrive and The N’ere Dowells sustain what is basically a two minute outro. Cinematic in quality, “I Won’t” feels like an ending to a great night out where these dudes are playing you out the door and safely home.

I know there are those of you out there reading who are all about originality and the next best thing. That’s not what you’ll find here, no sir/ma’am. These n’ere do wells who happen to play instruments and sing are more about the vibe than impressing anyone. They don’t really need your approval, nor mine. The romantic quality that The N’ere Dowells weave into their songs even when, like with “I Won’t”, they aren’t necessarily all that romantic, will keep you coming back for another listen.

I WON’T, NO I WON’T…actually, yeah, I will be including this in this month’s playlist for sure. Looking forward to Are You Still Down to see what a full album of mischief and garage rock sounds like. You should be too. Click download below to grab your free MP3. You can also download it from The N’ere Dowells on bandcamp.

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