MP3: The Neighbourhood – Wires

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The Neighbourhood have released two tracks so far in this five month old year. This is also the number of tracks they have released…ever! “Female Robbery” was the first, it was pretty solid – almost like a warmup for the gem that was “Sweater Weather”. Even my wife likes “Sweater Weather”, and she’s a mainstream kind of girl, so you have hit the right chords as (to that point) an unknown artist when she actually asks me to play your song.

“Wires” is the newest addition to The Neighbourhood, and will be included on their debut EP I’m Sorry which is releasing tomorrow. Where “Sweater Weather” was light and catchy, a spring/summer/fall anthem, this track is darker but seems to lack none of the punch of it’s predecessors.

I know this isn’t the prevailing opinion, but it’s honestly a pretty close race between the two for which song I prefer. I like the darkness. I like the spoken word breakdown. I like the expansion of style.

Bring on I’m Sorry.

MP3: The Neighbourhood – Wires

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