MP3: The Neighbourhood – Let It Go (Ghost Loft Remix)

0 Posted by - 02/01/2013 - One Timer

letitgoremixThis is a superb remix, no doubt. Ghost Loft was a nice revelation last year, though I believe we only got our ears on only three original songs. He did pop out a remix or two though. Now he’s remixing The Neighbourhood, and takes their latest single “Let It Go” and gives it a sheen of grime and a touch of mystique that makes an already great song even better.

It’s kind of a match made in heaven. When Ghost Loft is doing his thing, he’s packing ethereal, soulful vocals into slick production. The Neighbourhood does the same thing, only on a larger scale. I’m gonna personally advocate for more Ghost Loft remixes of The Neighbourhood. Great marriage.

MY BODY WAS READY WHEN…: …I saw Ghost Loft produced the remix. I’ll be honest, it could’ve been terrible and I’d have listened at least ten times.  Good news is, it’s not. And it’s free.

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