MP3: The Most Powerful Telescope In The Universe – Lectures On Quanta

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I’ve kind of been waiting on a good note to return on and “Lectures On Quanta” tickled me in just the way that I need. The first pass through, I loved the understated build-up for “Lectures”; it headed into the first bit of vocals with a tried but true method…give them something, give them a little more. Then, give them all of it at once.

It was a good choice.

The Most Powerful Telescope In The Universe, on top of having one of the longest band names in the universe, apparently make the release of tracks such as this one and B-side “Death In The Trees” an annual habit. My inbox says that they are a collection of artists from different projects, who retreat each year to a woodland cabin and crank out free jams for our audio pleasure. This is the kind of charity I can get behind.

At it’s core, this track is fuzz rock matched with a bit of shoegaze creating a sound that lies somewhere between breathless and just getting started. What truly sets “Lectures On Quanta” apart for me, however, is the small footprint that the synth carves out in the background – it’s just a little bit more flavor in an already excellent track.

You can find these guys via Facebook.

MP3: The Most Powerful Telescope In The Universe – Lectures on Quanta

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