MP3: The Micks – Go To Sleep

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When I hit play on “Go To Sleep”, I think about basement jams. Our favorite bands all begin this way (for the most part) and if they survive, they eventually evolve into polished studio and touring acts that we typically turn on like a letter high fastball in the fat part of the plate. Why do we decide to turn on them? Eventually, they lose their exuberance, the flat out joy of playing.

“Go To Sleep” is filled to the brim with that potential and exuberance I love. This track by The Micks seems at once carefully crafted while maintaining a helter skelter intensity to it that keeps you dialed in. The guitars punch, and punch hard…there is a nice economy in the way they roll in and out of the track.

Check out The Micks on Facebook and grab “Go To Sleep” below.

MP3: The Micks – Go To Sleep

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