MP3: The Lumineers – Ho Hey (Glenn Dale’s Rework)

0 Posted by - 08/20/2013 - One Timer

This track by The Lumineers is one of those that everyone loves to hate and then secretly goes home and listens to. That’s how it seems at any rate, as I’ve never someone praise it without damning it in the same sentence. That’s cool though, we don’t need a hive mind of collective agreement.

In the meantime, Glenn Dale decided to rework “Ho Hey” into a danceable club jam. He said he was frustrated that despite it’s stirring melodies, the track was unplayable in the clubs. He further states: “I’ve reworked the song so it can be played in clubs now. I’ve played it last week end at Wanderlust in Paris and the reaction from the dancers was so huge, that I finally decided to post it.”

I’m unfamiliar with Glenn Dale, but it’s an interesting take on the track. I wouldn’t call it club ready so much as stadium enhanced, but hey, we’re just splitting hairs now. It sounds good. Enjoy it and download via the player below:

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