MP3: The Eastern Sea – A Lie

0 Posted by - 04/06/2012 - One Timer

“A Lie” has a melody that seems like it might be genuinely melancholy, and then there’s suddenly this awesome jaunting rhythm that pops into the cut for just a few seconds in the intro and instantly hooks you. The track itself is very whimsical in nature, from the vocals on down…but goodness is it ridiculously catchy or what!

The foot tapping jump ingrained in the rhythm and the soft vocals flowing over keys and picked guitar create a manic kind of atmosphere; almost as if the vocalist is trying to truly talk himself into or out of leaving with the song.

There’s not a lot of info to be found about The Eastern Sea on the interweb. They are undeniably skilled though – and they will be dropping a new album titled Plague on June 26th.

You can download “A Lie” below via the Soundcloud player and go like The Eastern Sea via their Facebook.


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