MP3: The Black Cadillacs – Run Run

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If a Cadillac is the classic smooth ride, then “Run Run” is The Black Cadillacs in their classic form. Packed with more punch than “Classic Fool” (which is absolutely killer in it’s own right) this is an unabashed crowd starter track, designed and delivered specifically to make you sing-a-long and get those hands clapping and asses moving.

With the guitar crackling into my left headphone, I knew I’d be in for something a bit more like All Them Witches – though I must admit to being quite interested in this new variation on an old style. While “Run Run” retains the southern sensibilities of The Black Cadillacs, it also delivers the promise of something more accessible and listener friendly than previous tracks. The vocals are still howling, and the guitars are still churning and spiraling up into the skies with all kinds of helter skelter rock ‘n roll – but the production and the delivery is much more precise.

The Black Cadillacs are refining their craft, growing up and gaining mastery over their domain. “Run Run” shows the band’s ability to meld all that reckless abandon with a purpose – creating a track that can please both old fans and the many new ones I see hopping on board after this album drops.

The Black Cadillacs will be releasing Run on June 5th…just a few days away. You can find out more about them via Facebook.

MP3: The Black Cadillacs – Run Run

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