MP3: The Black Cadillacs – Classic Fool

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I’m not a down tempo musical connoisseur. Not at all. I like my music upbeat in some form or fashion; whether that be in the rhythm, the melody, or the message, it’s just my preference. Middle school to high school was an unending and inescapable maze of dark songs, depressing lyrics, and general mopeheaded-ness (editor’s note: if that’s not a word, it is now). After I got to about 20 years of age, I just couldn’t stomach depressing music anymore. What was the point? If I felt bad, it just made me feel worse.

Cue musical listening evolution, segue into music blogging. Sometimes, though, I make exceptions.

The Black Cadillacs, now…when they decide to make a track that delves in to the melancholy, these dudes know how to sound lonesome without making you want to get your noose out. When I reviewed their first album, All Them Witches, I said the band sounded like:

“…a midnight bonfire, full of beer, fun, and inevitable heartbreak beneath the open stars…”

That statement still holds up. This is a band that sometimes delves into the lowest of lows, but they have a good fuckin’ time doing it. “Classic Fool” begins on that same solitary island, Horton’s vocals carrying wistfully while the melody finds it’s feet. The guitars find their horses at the midway point with a bit of help from some beautiful organ accompaniment and “Classic Fool” really hits it’s stride.

The final notes play out with a few rueful words:

“At the end of the day, I still think of you, please don’t forget there was some good too. I’ve learned nothing at all, I’m a classic fool.”

I think we’ve all been there in that spot and can relate. What really catches me about the final verse is that Horton’s voice has this lingering hint of amusement, like the ending was expected yet unavoidable.

The Black Cadillacs will be releasing Run on June 5th. You can grab this track below, and another via Noisetrade called “Run Run” (which we’ll write about later this week). You should also go check em out on Facebook.

MP3: The Black Cadillacs – Classic Fool

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