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While I’ve been toiling about in that alternate reality called the real world, someone has been toiling about and mashing up old Beatles’ members’ solo work into entirely new The Beatles albums. This mash-up album consisting of bits and pieces of solo work from John, Paul, George, Ringo first hit the internet airwaves in late 2009 under the title Everyday Chemistry.

I know what you’re thinking. A mash-up, really? Really. It’s actually an engaging listen, with just enough of the tracks you know spliced into and around each other to create an entirely new experience. It’s not bad, honest.

I heard about this at some point after starting Sirens of Decay (so after fall 2010), but I have never once checked it out. In my usual rounds around the blogs I adore, however, I came across a post about Everyday Chemistry on Newdust and it sufficiently caught my eyes (and ears) and I dove in. I’m not ashamed to say I’ve listened to it around three times through. Bar a hiccup or two, it’s a very quick and pleasing listen that’ll kick those nostalgia gears to grinding.

The creator of this mash-up spins a fairly detailed back story that maintains that this is a Beatles album from an alternate dimension/reality of Earth where The Beatles never broke up. He claims there are four others (as I recall), but he only managed to smuggle Everyday Chemistry back to our own version of the world. While we all slap our knees, guffaw, and roll our eyes, it’s an entertaining thought and genuinely made the experience a bit of fun.

Believe “James Richards” or not as your conspiracy theorist hearts desire…in the meantime, check out some of his reworkings of these tracks which are entirely real.

You can download the entire 11 track album here. Oh, and avoid that purple ketchup.

MP3: The Beatles – Soldier Boy

MP3: The Beatles – Talking To Myself

MP3: The Beatles – Saturday Night

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