MP3: Tennis System – XO (Beyonce Cover)

1 Posted by - 03/06/2014 - One Timer

What if I told you that not every blogger loves artists who are considered “great”? That sometimes artists are actively avoided for no good reason? What if I told you that in order to review this track I had to give up my self imposed embargo on Beyonce? Proudly presenting Tennis System’s “XO”, the Beyonce cover, tonight on ESPN.

Okay, now really, I do not and never have listened to Beyonce. I’ve just never been bothered to I suppose. After checking out “XO”, though, it’s a pretty good single. I’ll still take the atmospheric slant thrown down by Tennis System any day, however. It feels like the DC turned LA group captured some form of neon afterglow and bottled it into their version of “XO”, wrapping it in shimmering gossamer.

It has been a long, long time since I covered Tennis System. Welcome back.

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