MP3: Tame Impala – Apocalypse Dreams

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Psych rock, space rock, dream rock. Whatever. They are all the same to me. I don’t spend a lot of time worrying about genres; my time is spent deciding whether something is good or not. It’s a quick exercise consisting of hitting play and usually determining within the first listen. I suspect most people are the same.

Even if you don’t absolutely love a track the first time through, something will catch you and make you give that track or album another go.

Tame Impala fit into the psych rock label, but “Apocalypse Dreams” also has a strong dose of slow dreamy pop that will wrap you up in it’s haze and lose you there. The nice jaunty start combined with the keys is immediately ear catching; I seriously had to double and triple take to make sure I hadn’t heard this before. It just sounds so familiar. Throughout, the insertion of these sky high soaring vocals and guitars remind you of the trip Tame Impala is leading you on…but it’s really organ sound that sets this track apart. Feels so good.

Tame Impala are releasing Lonerism on 10/9 and you can pre-order via iTunes right here.

MP3: Tame Impala – Apocalypse Dreams

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