MP3: Sweet Valley – Suzuka 9 Hours

0 Posted by - 08/12/2012 - One Timer

I listened to “Total Carnage” ad nauseum in various mixes over the last little bit. August 7th the finished product of Stay Calm was released. I was pretty excited about it and there was even a stream up on Hype Machine.

Along with it came “Suzuka 9 Hours”, which was put up for free download on Soundcloud by the band’s label, Fool’s Gold Records. It could have a tinge of oriental flavor, but then again it could be the title of the track influencing me. This once isn’t as glossy and sunshine baked as “Total Carnage” but it is very chill and obviously headphone ready.

Grab the track off the Soundcloud player below. Pick up Stay Calm on iTunes.

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