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Slacker rocks jams, in general, are a lot of fun. Drinking alone isn’t that much of a good time, however. Sugarpuss, an indie rock band out of Perth, put the fun back into the activity with their track “Drinking Alone”.

I received this song in one of the more roundabout ways in recent memory. I wrote a few words about another Perth outfit, Dead Owls, early this month. In the process I receive an e-mail from another kind fella who tells me that the drummer of Dead Owls also partakes in some Sugarpuss (and possibly other groups, I was unclear on that point) and that I should check them out. It took me a bit, but I got around to that. So when you listen to those drums get thwacked, think of Sam – he’s truly quite prolific.

“Drinking Alone” is 115% slacker jam. It’s got the vocal delivery of the Generationals, the sensibility of any good pop jam, and a lovely sing-song chorus that my two year old could master within the first two minutes. Those things together spell infectious. There are great tracks and there are tracks that are just insidious, hooking you and absolutely wrecking your train of thought for a day or span of days. They stick in your head and the lyrics pop out at the most inopportune times. “Drinking Alone” is gonna get stuck on your palette.

Later today while you’re at work, think of Sugarpuss when you belt out about drinking alone again.

Sugarpuss are dropping Psychotic Teenage Supermodels on 4/25. You can find it on Bandcamp (where else?).

IN FIVE WORDS OR LESS…drinking alone, singing together, forever

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    Cute review.