MP3: Something Fierce – Afghani Sands

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I am so insanely jealous right now. I’m also somewhat saddened. For those who know me in the real world, a regular phrase of mine is “something fierce”. For example: “Wow, the rain is coming down something fierce!” My friend Matt and I named this blog Sirens of Decay on a whim because we had nothing better that we could come up with on short notice; now I wish I had named it Something Fierce.

Unfortunately, I did not…good news though, there is a totally badass Houston band with that very name and I’m here to present them to you. Something Fierce is a punk band, but they also maintain a decent amount of pop influence. This isn’t your screaming guitar destruction punk, oh no, no. This is like The Clash or maybe the Ramones. In 2012.

Their second album was released last year on Dirtnap Records, and while I was blogging my little heart out back then I completely missed it. I blame anyone who visits this site who lives in Texas; you should’ve been on this shit and told me.

Through two full listens,  Don’t Be So Cruel is a very interesting record. I can honestly say I haven’t received anything quite like it since I started this blog two years ago. That’s not to say Something Fierce are entirely breaking new ground – I did say they sound a lot like The Clash after all. They are bringing back a sound that is sorely missing, however, and I love it.

“Future Punks” is the more poppier of the two tracks I’m posting up; it kind of jives in and out with a nice electric riff and a very clever chorus. I like the subject of the track; while the meaning is obviously pointed, it could easily be something hypothetical. That kind of thing is rare to see in song writing these days.

One thing you’ll notice very quickly in both tracks is the bass; it features very prominently and serves as both a basis for the melody and a nice backbone that the sweet guitar riffs play off of. “Afghani Sands” is the second track, and it is strangely both a bit of an ass mover and a political piece. Just like with “Future Punks”, these guys just seem to have their own wavelength together and they make it work well. The vocal delivery is a bit unorthodox, but it suits the music; it’d be hard to imagine someone cleaner or clearer sounding.

This gal and two dudes make a nice motion together.

You can download “Afghani Sands” below, and pick up “Future Punks” for free via the Something Fierce bandcamp. You can also purchase the entire Don’t Be So Cruel record for a mere $6. While you’re at it, check em out on Facebook.

MP3: Something Fierce – Afghani Sands

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