MP3: Slam Donahue – How To Be Cool

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If you scour the web looking for the lowest of the lo-fi rock jams, this is about as lo-fi as it gets. Slam Donahue is a Brooklyn three piece who specialize in taking expansion and making it…less expansive. Take the catchy “How To Be Cool” for example – if this was the gas pump then this would easily be the lowest and cheapest grade fuel that you could purchase. That’s a compliment.

“How To Be Cool” sounds like what happens when someone is playing a grainy garage pop anthem for you…except, they are playing it for you through the phone. It’s charming as hell, and I’m sad I wasn’t on this band’s wagon sooner. From the retro pop vocals and delivery to the crackle that’ll make you wonder if your headphones were blown out by all that dubstep you’ve been listening to, it’s a hell of a listen and just in time for summer.

What’s better is that you can download a Slam Donahue album length mixtape titled Big House Nice Dreams for free via the band’s website.

MP3: Slam Donahue – How To Be Cool

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