MP3: Seatraffic – Tempo of Regret

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seatraffic“Tempo of Regret” is very dense, or lush, if you will. Typically, Seatraffic features a slightly more straightforward electronic aesthetic that you sort of groove along with while enjoying their somber melodies. It may just be the newness talking, but it appears that “Tempo of Regret” is showing us a new side from our San Francisco favorites.

First, there’s this weird little arpeggio key/organ/synth permeating the duration of the track. I’m not educated enough in electronic music to explain what it is, although it’s hardly a new sound, it’s this subtle touch that creates the lush feeling of “Tempo”. While everything else shifts and reforms throughout the track, those simple notes pulse and flicker in the corner of your mind.

Seatraffic also went with a little more gusto for the closing of this new cut. Three and a half minutes in, the band emerges from a drop with a rising rendition of the chorus we heard in the first half of the song. I may be shortchanging the band here, but memory tells me they’ve never went for it quite like that in the singles released previously. This duo delivers it’s emotions and emotional traditionally on the backs of it’s sound, with the words supplementing. Til now, at least.

When you listen to a track like “Crimes” you get this incredulous, borderline triumphant feeling – the vocals always increase the degree of that emotional hook, but Seatraffic’s music is what gets you there. In “Tempo of Regret”, Seatraffic grab you by the guts for a moment, letting that calm facade wash away briefly and showing us something new and exciting in their repertoire. It makes me curious about what comes next.

TEMPO OF DECAY…alternate blog name for Sirens of Decay? Quick snatch up that domain! It’s music related, right? In all seriousness”Tempo of Regret” = not something you’ll regret.

You can download this track from Seatraffic for free by hitting download on the Soundcloud player below. That will redirect you to the band’s Bandcamp page, where you can actually pick up the MP3 itself. If you haven’t heard their other stuff, do yourself that favor.

Also watch the video for the track:


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