MP3: Seatraffic – Superficial Heart

0 Posted by - 02/02/2013 - One Timer

superBeen listening to this track for a couple of days and figured I’d post it up. Seatraffic released one of my favorite EPs last year (Crimes – which also featured the best album artwork of the year in my opinion) and apparently they thought it best to deliver another dose of their brand of atmospheric synth jams to ring in the New Year. This was a wise choice.

“Superficial Heart” is “a song about deep emotions and human desires” according to Seatraffic. It’s very majestic, hearkening back once again to 80’s ballads…well, you know, 80’s ballads with a Seatraffic slant to them.

Every new track released by Seatraffic forces me to look once again at their Facebook page and verify that they are indeed from San Francisco and not Seattle or somewhere else in the slightly-more-rainy Northwestern part of the United States. Their sound just evokes that gloomy beauty that you see in all the shots of the Northwestern forestry. It’s a beautiful track. I’m still amazed these guys haven’t blown up bigger.

I KNEW IT HAD IT’S HOOKS IN ME WHEN…: …Seatraffic told me take it all, that I was a superficial heart. Seriously. It may sound silly here, but it sounds epic when you hear it in the song.

You can grab the MP3 via the Soundcloud player below for the cost of an e-mail address.

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