MP3: Saint Motel – My Type

0 Posted by - 07/31/2013 - One Timer

This is one of the more entertaining tracks I’ve heard in a while. It feels like it could be the next single played in the ongoing series of Heineken “heist” commercials that have been airing since the Bond movie dropped last year. “My Type” is a jazzy, exuberant ball of pop that could get even the whitest boy alive to dance.

I remember first hearing Saint Motel via’s stream of their 2012 album Voyeur. That was nearly a year ago exactly. I got a lot of play out of “Benny Goodman”, and “My Type” feels like a natural progression in that same vein. Really, it’s like they took “Benny Goodman”, perfected it, and then cranked it to 11. You can’t beat the saxophone, brother. You just can’t.

Ironically, I was considering comparing “My Type” with something you might here in a scene of Boardwalk Empire…only to find out their track “Dear Dictator” is actually used in the Season 4 teaser trailer for the show! Granted that track sounds nothing like “My Type”, but the point stands I say!

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