MP3: Saint Motel – Benny Goodman

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One of the best things about the digital age is the variety of sites who stream new albums before they are released. If you’ve visited it and found music it due to it’s pages, you can probably bet that they’ve streamed something. Not too long ago, started streaming a new album every week. If you’re unfamiliar with them they are the service a lot of bloggers (myself included) use to play music on their website. It’s a very cool social media type atmosphere built around music, where you can follow blogs, pages, and love tracks, etc.

This week is streaming Saint Motel’s album Voyeur and I am pretty glad they are because I totally overlooked this band. I’ve been jamming to “Benny Goodman”, a combination of pop and a little bit of swing that jives and really encourages you to tap your feet and snap those fingers.

There’s so much going on in the music that it’s really crazy when you consider that none of it steps on itself; it all fits together well and doesn’t drown the vocals like I would expect. The vocals are soaked just enough in effects to make them fit the sound perfectly and the song really has it’s own hooks as a piece of music instead of in the traditional sense of having a “hook”.

You can purchase Voyeur on the Saint Motel website…particularly if you are a fan of vinyl. Also, rent a room with Saint Motel on Facebook.

MP3: Saint Motel – Benny Goodman

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