MP3: Ravenous – Miami Viceroys

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Noise can be many things. Annoying, beautiful, relaxing, eerie – it can literally set a mood and change it. This is nothing any sane person doesn’t already know. Noise is also used in the creation of the greatest thing (in this blogger’s opinion)…rock. For those who are about to listen, prepare yourself for some serious noise.

Have you ever heard of Ravenous? I hadn’t either. Their e-mail introducing themselves was about as colorful as you would expect – particularly when you check out their cover art for Splendid, their debut album. I always have a soft spot for those unorthodox intros though; they catch my eye and get me to listen, that’s for sure. Ravenous are a half Brooklyn, half DC band which seem to combine the grunge I grew up with, the garage rock I love now, a bit of pop sensibility and the reckless abandon you’d associate with people who swallow fire and fly trapeze.

In summary, Ravenous are not going to sound like anything else you’ve heard on this blog and probably not much like any other indie music blog submission.

“Miami Viceroys” begins with wailing vocals and riff that will both remind you a bit of The Pixies, but the guitars have this weird twang that could be anything from whimsy to southern drawl inflected on a guitar. I honestly don’t know. I’m not a guitarist. What I do know is it sounds excellent. Later on, there’s even a breakdown that is a bit more conventional for those of you who like that kind of thing.

Also on Splendid is the interestingly titled “Summer Stench”. It sounds more grimy than summery, but when the chorus does hit it can give you a bit of that summer vibe…if grunged out surf rock is your kind of beach soundtrack. As I listen to Ravenous I can’t help but wonder what exactly the songs are discussing, while simultaneously realizing that not only am I not a guitarist, I’m not a lyricist either. I’ll just sticks to what sounds good and hope you’ll agree. It’s worked out so far, right?

Ravenous are definitely worth a look if you want a change of pace from your regular sound niche. I’m pretty sure you’ll find them splendid. I guarantee they are having more fun than either of us, and if you look past the chaos of these tracks (or into it) you’ll find some good tunes you might just love.

You can pick up Splendid on the band’s bandcamp page for any price you want to pay…or free! Also, Ravenous can be found ravaging timelines on Facebook.

MP3: Ravenous – Miami Viceroys

MP3: Ravenous – Summer Stench

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