MP3: Puro Instinct – Dream Lover

0 Posted by - 07/20/2012 - One Timer

Dreamy pop music is not what you typically find on Sirens of Decay. Not even dreamy pop with a pulsing beat. Somehow though, I keep running into this Puro Instinct track called “Dream Lover”.

First it was in my inbox in a press release.

Then it was on the interwebs.

I couldn’t shuffle through without hearing it, and Hype Machine was all over it too. I really tried my best to resist…but I have to give in, it seems.

This track has seriously been ubiquitous.

I can’t get away from it, so I decided to embrace it. What am I trying to avoid anyway? It IS an excellent track. The vocals melded so tightly into those shimmery sounds and a nice groove that kicks that involuntary dance muscle into overdrive.

You can grab “Dream Lover” below and you hit up Puro Instinct on Facebook.

MP3:  Puro Instinct – Dream Lover

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