Song of the Week (MP3 Premiere): Blazing Hips – Wolf

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blazinghipsBlazing Hips…I could think of several superb logos you could design for a band with a name like that. Too bad no one has used that name yet, or have they? Two dudes from LA have came together under that moniker, formed during “a little whiskey-fueled brainstorming session at a friend’s apartment.” They aren’t sure which person coined it exactly, but it stuck and with good reason. It’s not a name you’re likely to forget. Particularly after you hear them play.

While this particular name and musical styling of duo Kelvin Stewart and Nick Tashjian may be new, they aren’t exactly new to you. You’ve seen and heard them before in my previous posts about Nacosta. This is precisely what piqued my own interest in the band. I remembered their names and decided to give “Wolf” the same blind taste test that I give all submissions. I expected something good because of their past affiliations, but what they delivered was something else entirely.

Solid, steady bass pumps through your headphones as “Wolf” begins. Immediately afterward, you’re gonna notice Mr. Tashjian’s calm and commanding vocals, hearkening back to the type of honey-voiced, square jawed leading men found in 50’s cinema. Blazing Hips mix these deep vocals with an almost playful set of keys that, while not exactly light, is such a nice counter to the slightly darker tone of the lyricism that it deserves recognition. Simply put, “Wolf” possesses an eerie beauty that maintains pop sensibility in a way that makes you still wanna groove to it.

but as far as you’re concerned I’m formless, a reason to keep watching over your shoulder

Have you heard Radiohead’s “A Wolf At The Door”? It’s my favorite track of “the ever” due to it’s storytelling nature, Thom Yorke’s weary vocals, and the foreboding sounds put forth by the band. Blazing Hips have also crafted a bit of a story in their debut single about a wolf who, though he lacks the gusto of youth, is still…well, a wolf who does scary wolf-like things.  There may be some deeper meaning here, but I took it at face value and loved it for that.

Blazing Hips recorded this gem in a converted bedroom studio in Silverlake along with another track or two that they are holding for future release. They’ve yet to play a single show, but I’ve never seen that stop anyone when it comes to the power of digital media. I’m sure they’re in the process of working into that.

AS FAR AS I’M CONCERNED…this is easily the song of the week here at Sirens and likely the entire month (against stiff competition at that). The smoothness of the track, combined with thoughtful lyricism and great production meld into a cut that will just soak into your ears. I expect each and every one of you to do your part to make sure this track gets the love it deserves.

You can download a free MP3 of “Wolf” right here (Bandcamp) or click download on the stream below. Hit up Blazing Hips on Facebook.

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  • Darlene 03/23/2013 - 8:04 PM

    Enjoyed listening to this very much! Great job Nick!