MP3: Poolside – Only Everything

0 Posted by - 08/09/2012 - One Timer

Poolside are becoming a bit ubiquitous…how not though? Amazing summer music, or “daytime disco”, that you can’t help but listen to again and again. I was just jamming to Pacific Standard Time only to find out they released a two track EP through Scion A/V. I’ve only ever reviewed “Why You Wanna” here on Sirens, so I’ll forewarn that although this is the same kind of music it’s got a distinctly different texture.

“Only Everything” is true daytime disco. It permeates every inch of your speakers, your hips, your feet. It also does quite the bang up job of making your nod along with the beat, but you probably could have guess that, right? I won’t say there is much less vocals here…they are just less pronounced and the track isn’t necessarily built on them like “Why You Wanna”. This cut is a sunset piece getting you ready for the inevitable party.

Grab it via the Soundcloud player below. Poolside are hanging out by the tiki bar on Facebook.

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