MP3: Pond – Moth Wings

0 Posted by - 07/27/2012 - One Timer

I get this e-mail in the middle of the night from Modular telling me about the new Tame Impala track (which was awesome) as well as a band called Pond and this video they are releasing for a song called “Moth Wings”. I checked it out, obviously.

It was weird as hell. Shot entirely on an iPhone and put together by the band, it is hilarious in spots and somewhat disturbing in others…ever wondered what it would look like if Gandalf could sing the lead in a rock band? Now’s your chance. What the video truly represents, however, is an absolutely awesome track. Among all the amazing tracks I come across each week, this one stands out above the majority.

It’s psychedelic rock, if you want to call it that. The high pitched vocals are a breath of fresh air, and despite reminding me of a much less dramatic Justin Hawkins of The Darkness (and this is just my own knee jerk reaction), they are some of the best I’ve heard in a while. The song is everything I want in my rock ‘n roll.

Watch the video below, and you can download the track below that for the cost of your eternal e-mail soul.


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