MP3: Plastic Inevitables – Desdemona

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Fun. Energetic. Quirky?

These are a few of the descriptors that might pop into your mind when you give “Desdemona” a spin. Plastic Inevitables are a three piece “garage pop” outfit from the battleground state of Ohio, specifically Cincinnati, and this isn’t the first time they’ve caught my ear. What the Desdemona EP has done, however, is open my eyes up wide.

If you go back to my old post and listen to “Delirious” and “Everything Grows Taller When The Sun Goes Down”, you’ll hear a band with promise and a good ear for creating a hook. You’ll also hear a band just starting out, and a lot of substance that still hadn’t found it’s shine and polish. When you kick up “Desdemona”, you’re seeing that gangly 13 year old girl you dated in middle school ten years later, and wow! “Desdemona” is excellent. I love the use of the intro, I love the story. I especially dig the beck and call nature of the track with the use of the girl’s name, Desdemona, and all the ridiculous things they say to her.

Plastic Inevitables are going to drop an album on December 1st, Loon, and you can download the entire Desdemona three track EP on their Bandcamp page. You can also find them on Facebook.

MP3: Plastic Inevitables – Desdemona

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