MP3: Peer Support – Nonchalant

0 Posted by - 04/19/2013 - One Timer

Calgary band Peer Support sent over the wonderful “Nonchalant” at the tail end of last month. I enjoyed it at the time but never quite got around to posting it. Today it’s here for your listening pleasure.

“Nonchalant” basically sounds a lot like it’s track name; muted guitar licks and soft, sweet female vocals that just tumble out of the speakers in a very nonchalant manner. It’s a very relaxing song and a pretty good introduction to Peer Support.

If you’re interested, you can grab “Nonchalant” and “Late Spring” on Bandcamp. Alternatively, you could just download “Nonchalant” below.

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  • Dominator Ma 04/19/2013 - 9:09 PM

    awesome!! (: