MP3: Pale Sunday – Happy (When You Lived Here)

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I spent some extensive time working in retail stores. Extensive. Just wanted to emphasis that out front. When you work in retail, or you shop there, you will notice that most of your department stores pipe in some music from a satellite feed . It’s easy listening music and mostly pop hits from years gone by. Occasionally something new will show up on there, but normally it’s the same songs as always. I bet I’ve heard Wing’s “Let ‘Em In” and America’s “A Horse With No Name” more times than I can possibly count. If iTunes kept track of all the songs I’d heard in passing all the years on top of the ones I’ve actively listened to, they’d have to be near the top.

When I was younger I hated that brand of easy pop, but as I’ve grown older I’ve gotten a bit softer on it.

The other day I came across a track by Pale Sunday called “Happy (When You Lived Here)” and it’s epitome of this kind of music. The crazy thing is I gravitated to it instantly. It’s got these ringing guitars that just kind of lull you into a peaceful state, and the vocals are smooth as butter. The track doesn’t appear to be much of a happy melody, but then again a lot of this kind of music sounds a lot sunnier than it’s lyrics belie.

If you’re looking for something relaxing and melodic to get your week started out right and maybe erase some of the Monday morning stressers, look no further.

Brazilian pop artists Pale Sunday released The Fake Stories About You And Me last month and you can grab it from Matinée Recordings. Definitely digging the album cover as well.

MP3: Pale Sunday – Happy (When You Lived Here)

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